Northwood School

Northwood, Middlesex

Secondary - 900+ students

Clare Foskett - Enrichment Lead

Snap Shot

Northwood got in touch as they has a time consuming way of capturing and records student attendance. After a quick call, I to get a little more information. Like many schools they were using a mixture of paper register & excel files. Highlighting that their records were hard to keep track of and very hard to pull out any meaningfull data.

The Problem

Prior to Absolute Education our enrichment was not tracked in organised way.


We decided to sign up for Absolute Education so we can keep track of student attendance in various clubs at our school and analyze the data for each specific group.

Results & Benifits

We used to not keep track of who was using our enrichment program, but now we can see who is participating, how many clubs they go to, and which groups may not be attending as much. This helps us talk to different groups of students and offer more clubs so that every student can find one they like. Yes. We had an inspection 6 months after we began using Absolute Education. Our school's enrichment program impressed our inspector and we were able to easily answer questions because we had all the necessary data on the Absolute Education dashboard. Before using AE, our teachers would keep track of their clubs using paper registers that were kept on paper. As the person in charge of enrichment, I was unable to access the data or easerly. This has greatly improved.

This has greatly improved our tracking

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